Raider Realty: A brokerage for the students, by the students. This for-profit business is helping people of all ages find their future home! Note that we were formerly calling ourselves "Blue Raider Realty" but now do business as "Raider Realty" to help avoid confusion about whether we are an official part of Middle Tennessee State University. Although we are comprised exclusively of MTSU students, Faculty, Alumni and supporters, we are NOT an official program of MTSU or its wonderful real estate program. Note that we are still legally formed as an LLC called Blue Raider Realty LLC (DBA Raider Realty).


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Starting in the Spring of 2018, Blue Raider Realty now offers the use of it's super duper truck to our clients to move their furnishings. Provide proof of insurance, pass a requirements checklist, and bring the truck back full of fuel and most clients can check one more thing off their list! We got the truck covered! The truck is conveniently parked for your use at 2016 East Main Street. We can also help you move with some of the most awesome college hunks at MTSU! We work for pizza and tips! This truck is not parked right there on Main Street just to look good - it's there for our clients to use ANY DAY OR NIGHT it's available! And we hope it stays busy!!



Blue Raider Realty agents Daniel and Cayman worked tirelessly to find this beautiful home for MTSU freshman, Jordyn Stoddard. Jordyn is originally from Florida and moved to Tennessee to begin working towards a career in music. Her father, Shawn Stoddard, wanted to ensure that his daughter was in a safe and secure house during her four years in Murfreesboro, TN. All of the Stoddard's want and needs were met and the house was closed on earlier this summer. With Jordyn buying a house, Blue Raider Realty made her eligible for in-state tuition! We had a great time helping this wonderful family, but don't just take our word for it; Shawn Stoddard spoke to the experience himself.  

"Working with Cayman & Daniel was a great experience.  They were very professional and worked continuously on making sure everything was completed and done on time.  They always carried themselves with a very positive attitude and made the experience of buying a home enjoyable.  

Also, the line of communication was always open.  Questions were always answered promptly. If they didn’t have the answer they would make sure they got back with us with an answer. 

We would definitely recommend them to help anyone to buy or list their home." 

                                                                           - Shawn Stoddard


In Spring 2017, MTSU Real Estate Professor Dr. Philip Seagraves, PhD and Blue Raider Realty agent Daniel Vincent were discussing the student-run brokerage and their recent transactions. Dr. Seagraves received a phone call from friend Waddell Wright, fellow agent in the Greater Nashville area, about a helicopter maintenance company- Helicorp. The company was in search of a location to continue their maintenance business, as the current lease on the previous location was running out. Luckily, Daniel is an Aerospace major at MTSU and was eager to help. Dr. Seagraves informed Mr. Wright that he had a pilot and licensed affiliate broker listening on speakerphone to the current dilemma. Thrilled with the opportunity to handle the first commercial deal for Blue Raider Realty, Daniel hurried to contact to close friend and trusted business partner, Cayman Seagraves. The pair took advantage of Cayman’s real estate experience and Daniel’s aviation knowledge and called over 20 different on-location airport businesses for possible space for Helicorp to move into.

A few hours and many cups of coffee later, they found 10,000 available square feet at the Smyrna Airport, newly known as Hollingshead Aviation. They contacted the leasing manager and scheduled an appointment for the very next day. As Daniel and Cayman are full-time students, they had to balance the responsibility of class work and Blue Raider Realty work. The next morning, Daniel urged Cayman to get to the Murfreesboro airport in time to make it to Smyrna Airport for the Helicorp appointment. After waiting in the hot plane for what felt like hours, Cayman finally appeared running towards the airplane. All systems were a-go and as soon as Cayman was safely inside the single engine piper warrior, Daniel cranked up the engine and it coughed to life. Cruising at 2,500 feet on the clear day, Daniel and Cayman arrived at Hollingshead in less than 10 minutes.

Once safely on the ground, they toured the property and agreed it was suitable for Helicorp. They contacted Mr. Wright to recommend that Hollingshead Aviation would meet all the needs of the helicopter company. The president of Helicorp toured soon after with an equally positive reaction. The entire negotiation and leasing process was completed in less than two weeks. Helicorp soon relocated into their new home that would remain so for the next 10 years. The deal came with a lease value of nearly $1 million and was a huge success for Blue Raider Realty.

Daniel Vincent commented, “We have learned so much though this process, even as it happened lightning fast. We are very grateful that both Helicorp and Hollingshead Aviation trusted Waddell Wright and Blue Raider Realty to get the job done -- the right way.”

Cayman Seagraves also added “We had an absolute thrill working this deal. Here I am, getting out of a test at MTSU, rushing to my car speeding to the airport, and jumping into an airplane to make a 2:00 meeting in Smyrna. This whole experience has us fired up to help some more people around Middle Tennessee.”

Both 20-year-old agents have been tirelessly working to spread the word about Blue Raider Realty. Their goals are to assist the MTSU students, alumni, faculty, and community in buying and selling homes. They can also help students find affordable rental homes.


Blue Raider Realty agents are motivated and determined to provide the best service while using the latest technology for powerful marketing. For example, they use unmanned drones equipped with high definition cameras to take 360° virtual tours of homes for sale. If Blue Raider Realty continues at this pace and effort, one could say the sky is the limit. 


Blue Raider Realty agent Cayman Seagraves lead Tony Spiritoso though the home-buying process in early June. Mr. Spiritoso is the Area Vice President of Sales at Gas at Itron. Cayman helped find the dream home for this wonderful family. Mr. Spiritoso had a few things to say about his experience with Blue Raider Realty. 

"Cayman Seagraves did an excellent job representing me as a Seller’s Agent.  I have purchased properties before, but this experience was exceptional.  Through Cayman’s assistance and guidance, I was able to complete all paperwork electronically and was able to close in 11 days.  Cayman took care of everything from scheduling Home Inspection, Coordinating the closing, Re-negotiating pricing, Contacting HOA, etc. I would highly recommend Cayman Seagraves and Blue Raider Realty for both buying and selling a property."

Anthony Spiritoso proudly accepts keys to the new home.
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